Log in problem solved!
Mar 12, 2009
Dear users! We are proud to announce you that the “Log in” bug has been currently fixed. From now on, you can log in your account by using Firefox and Chrome browsers without any problems. We hope you will find the work of our portals more pleasant.

Recent upgrades
Dec 10, 2008
Dear users! We are glad to inform you that all our portals of version 3 have been moved onto another more powerful server, which is aimed to improve the stability and performance capabilities of our system. The database structure also has been optimized. We hope you will enjoy our service!

Portals transfering was finished
Jul 22, 2008
Please be notified that the portals transfer to the new server has been completed. Currently the team is engaged in optimizing of the system performance. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced during maintenance works. relocation news
Jul 8, 2008
Dear users! Because of moving to another server some Portals can be inaccessible the next 4 hours. Please take our apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Our plans for the next week
Jul 3, 2008
We plan to move Informe system to another more powerful server next week. This can entail some problems with your portals availability. Be aware such problems are temporary and all the portals will be available after system removing. Some technical problems may also appear on your portals (such as error messages), please tell us of such cases so that we may react opportunely. update news
Jul 2, 2008

We are proud to inform you of new changes! The following new features are available for our users now:


  1. New portal style (Informe orange).
  2. New arcade MOD for phpbb with arcade games.
  3. A lot of layout changes to make your portals more handy and some useful fixes.
  4. Changes in the scripts of new portals creating which have made the creation wizard more handy in Opera browser.


Take pleasure with resources
Jun 25, 2008

We added graphic resource: avatars, userbars, smilies. It is free for use.

You may find it at the Informe gallery

Also we added themes preview to registration wizard so that anyone can preview themes while process of registratio. You may view the themes which are available at our portals here.

Informe news
Jun 18, 2008

We are proud to inform you of new changes! The following new features are available for our users now:

  • PhpBB3 performance has been improved essentially.
  • Theme’s rating representation has been added to Portal creating Wizard.
  • Graphic images with inscriptions have been localized in all the Portal Themes.
  • The opportunity of large images loading in phpBB3 messages without cutting has been added.
  • The algorithm of forming the list of most active portals has been changed.
  • Small fixes in GreenGrass and eTech Themes have been made also.
Take pleasure with!

Informe news
Jun 7, 2008
We are proud to inform you of new changes! The following new features are available for our users now:

  • Avatars Gallery for phpBB. More than 4000 avatars are available now! Feel free to find it in User Control Panel.
  • Userbars Gallery for phpBB. More than 400 userbars are available in User Control Panel.
  • Additional Smiles packs. You can find more than 400 new smiles in phpBB Administration Board.
  • Genders MOD for phpBB. This MOD allows users to specify Gender.
  • New phpBB theme named eTech is also available now. Feel free to try!
  • New BBCode for video. It supports the following resources: YouTube, Yahoo Video, Metacafe, MSN, Reuters, MySpace,, RuTube, Rambler Vision, Video etc.
  • New Wordpress plug-in: WP-UserOnline 2.20 enables you to display users who are online on your Wordpress blog with detailed statistics of where they are and who there are (Members/Guests/Search Bots).
  • New Wordpress plug-in: WP-Print 2.20 displays a printable version of your WordPress blog's post/page.
  • New Wordpress plug-in: WP-Sticky 1.10 adds sticky and announcement post features to your WordPress's blog.
  • New Wordpress plug-in: WP-PostRatings 1.20 adds AJAX rating system for your WordPress blog's post/page.
  • New Wordpress plug-in: WP-PostViews 1.20 enables you to display how many times a post/page has been viewed.
  • New Wordpress plug-in: WP-PageNavi 2.30 adds more advanced paging navigation for your WordPress blog. Example: Pages (17): [1] 2 3 4 » ... Last ».
  • A few minor modifications have been made to help you using phpBB with more pleasure!

Take pleasure with myspace layouts

Upgrade news
May 30, 2008
We are proud to inform you of the new changes! The following new features are available for our users:

  • News section on the main site. This is not a part of the support portal since May 30 anymore.
  • The Portal Creation Wizard has been updated. We added a special page for the portal themes selection.
  • Our FAQ has been changed a little
  • A New GreenGrass theme has been released
  • "Abuse" button in the themes has been created
  • AcidTech themes have been updated
  • A few minor bugfixes have been made

Update March 18, 2008
Mar 19, 2008

We are proud to inform you that our portals are updated again! Following new features are available for Portals-II:

  • Forum: Flags MOD - Forum: new 6 themes
  • Blog: 1 new theme
  • Wiki:
    • 1 new theme
    • Advanced portal personalization (you can change logo, icon and background image for portal header)
    • Basic portal statistics
  • Gallery:
    • 1 new theme
    • optimization for search engines
    • Watermark plugin
    • protection against image downloads

For portals-I:

  • Authorization under second domain
  • Temporary ban mod
  • Ban reason mod
  • Color groups mod

Update March 03, 2008
Mar 4, 2008


  1. Forum component was updated deom phpbb3.0.RC5 to phpbb3.0.0
  2. Meta tags modification (at Setup page (available for portal owners)) (we add it for changing meta tags for search machines).
  3. Logging in/out fixes
  4. A lot of small fixes


  1. Cash MOD administration added
  2. Admin userlist MOD - the admins will be able to work with accounts at the list.
  3. Fix for logging in under secind domain - for example - the visitors will be able to log in at and at its second domain

Update Feb 19, 2008
Feb 19, 2008

Today we updated portals-I and portals-II. We add to the portals these features:

For Portals-II:

  • Tags in gallery
  • Several styles were ported to blog and galler
  • Portal page customization
  • Informe Announces (we will inform the admins by this tools)
  • Feature voting (we will use it for voting for/against of new (potential) features)
  • A lot of fixes

For portal-I:

  • new 4 themes with different color schemes (you can see it as new 25 themes at the style theme list)
  • fix for announce page at the admin panel
  • fix for portal page for several themes At the next update we planned to add new MODs on the portals.

Last update for Portals-I (January 23-24, 2008)
Jan 25, 2008

New features and opportunities are available for Portal I:

  • Portal: additional anti-spam protection
  • Forum: new Dice MOD
  • Forum: VIP Code MOD
  • Forum: Subforums support
  • Forum: Cash Mod - Forum: new theme (Clanzi 2000)

Update Jan 14, 2008
Jan 14, 2008

Dear users! We are proud to inform you that our portals are updated again! New features and opportunities are available for Portal-II based on PhpBB3. They are:

  • Portal:
    • language synchronization between components
    • new Gallery component
    • overall performance improvement
    • additional anti-spam protection
  • Forum:
    • VIP Code MOD
    • ability to upload smiles/smile pack
    • ability to upload medals/rank images
    • various fixes
    • improvements in content tagging We have also some positive changes for Portal I (after additional testing) And of course we keep on Portal II new improvements. The following ones are coming soon:
    • Portal new themes and more and better!
    • phpBB3 upgrade
    • Additional locales Hope you enjoy!

Upgrading 12/19/2007
Dec 19, 2007

Dear users. We made an international system - now there is an ability at our system to choose the language of web site. At current moment there are only two languages - English and Russian, but we planned to add more languages. Thus we need in translations of out web-site to other languages. We need in volunteers who will help us to translate current interface to other European languages. If you want to help us, you may send us a message via PM (private message) (please type your e-mail at the message - we will contact with you).

P.S. At the latest update we add:

  1. More languages for portal-II (currently there about 33 languages + 5 dialects, which are supported at the portals-II).
  2. We fixed several problems at Portals-II

Portal II
Dec 5, 2007

Dear users. Now we have released the new version of our Portal. It is based on the latest versions of phpbb, wiki and blog. And we hope you'll find it much more interesting and easy now. You are welcome to register!

The Portal v2 consists of:

  • PhpBB 3 (forum with preinstalled MODs: gallery, chatbox, BBCode: alignment, YouTube, Hide button)
  • Wiki (MediaWiki)
  • Blog (Wordpress blog) Feel free to enjoy the new Portal now.
  • One more detail - we have removed Pligg (stories component) from the Portal v2 because it was almost unused in Portal v1. But you may certainly create a portal with pligg in the Portal v1. To register your portal (forum, wiki, blog and may be pligg) please go by link: Get your free portal.

The new upgrade (Nov. 20, 2007)
Nov 20, 2007

New features at portals:

  • Birthday MOD - allows to notify about forum users' birthdays.
  • Additional tag clouds
  • Subscribing of admins on all new topics - it was done to pay more attention of admins to spam at their portals and ban/delete accounts and delete posts.
A the nearest future we planned to install spell checker MOD.

The last update (Oct. 08, 2007)
Oct 10, 2007

The last update which was at the Oct. 08, 2007. New features:

  1. The new design of
  2. Two new style themes for forum component of portals: TeliaSonera (Boyz theme) and WoWAlliance (World of Warcraft theme)
  3. Quick reply MOD
  4. Dumping of portal databases (only for testing)
  5. Fixes:
    1. Security fix at stories
    1. Fixes at e-mailing The next update is planned on Oct. 15, 2007.
  6. At least these features will be added to portals after the next update:
    1. Chatbox MOD (there will be an ability to disable it if you do not to have the one)
    2. New 6 style themes for phpBB component (The full list of features and fixes will be published before the next update).

Current problems with logging in
Aug 6, 2007
There is a problem with authorization subsystem of the portals - some of users are unable to log in (at some portals - all users have not ability to log in). The reason of the problem was detected and it is in process of solving. Authorization problems will be solved the next 2 or 3 days at all portals. All new users, which will register since this moment will be able to log in at forums. P.S. We collect data about forum to portal upgrade by we will start upgrading only after solving problem of authorization.

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