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1. | Jun 15, 2013
There are many differences bweteen” living in a small town” and “living in a big city”. There are some advantage and disadvantage of people who live in a small city and who live in a big city and compare these to each others. For instance, number of population, hospital and school, crime and job. People who live in a small town have some advantage for instance, they have less population than big city moreover, there is less crime more than big city. Because they have less population and also they have job and enough money for living in that city also the young people who were married live with parents therefore they don’t think about luxurious. But there are some disadvantages about living in a small city, like number of school and hospital. When people who live in a small city need to modern facility and hospital for cure they have to go to a big city because they don’t have enough modern facility or cure. In addition when the children continue education in higher level they have to immigrate to a big city for continue education and obtain good social position. But people who live there are more satisfied more than people live in a big city. The problem of living in big city are the number of population is so a lot and the luxurious is so huge therefore, people is not satisfied about job, style and place of life and job because of these problem and dissatisfaction there are more crimes than small town. Although living in a big city has lots of problem has some advantages like, modern hospital, the number of school and university. Living in a big city is more comfortable than small town because there is more modern facilitates than small town like modern hospital, modern shopping center, more entertainments and activities more than small city. But people who live there are less satisfied more than people live in a small city. Thus, if government in near future support small town about more activities than now and also make them modern hospital and school they live in their own cities and don’t move at all moreover who people that moved because of this kind of problem move the cities there fore the population of big city become less than now.