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User Comments:
1. | Aug 6, 2014
c10Km8 Really appreciate you sharing this article post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.
2. | Jan 7, 2014
I honestly think that may be my futvarioe thing you've ever drawn. Just a lovely moment in time, placid, tranquil and perfectly staged. I can feel the surroundings as I look at it.I... love you.
3. | Jan 6, 2014
Hi thereTook my ICND2 today and scored 917. I Used CBTnuggets Wendel Odem exam guide 2nd ed. Then this weenekd spent time with p4s 2.77It works. Thanks. But here is a tip for real life people Do the work first with Your Videos and Books then finish it off with p4s.Thanks againRegardsCisco
4. | Dec 22, 2013
- You seem to lead such a fabulous and fun life. Personally, I'm not a fan of games or prsneet opening. I find it all embarrassing, boring and forced . I'd rather just hang out with friends, eat, and drink (well when not pregnant). I guess it's the same with some of the wedding rituals too. Which is why we had a very small wedding in Italy.
5. | Dec 20, 2013
- Thanks for the comment, Jody. I'm not sure how fuolubas my life is but it's definitely fun. Thank you! I'm with you on the games. I think they feel really forced and most ppl I know do not like them. I think food and drinks are enough to bring people together. Sometimes it's more painful if you don't know anyone and have to interact by playing games. It's like a team-building exercise at work!
6. | Dec 19, 2013
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7. | Dec 19, 2013
I honestly think that may be my faitruvoe thing you've ever drawn. Just a lovely moment in time, placid, tranquil and perfectly staged. I can feel the surroundings as I look at it.I... love you.
8. | Dec 2, 2013
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9. | Dec 2, 2013
Gwen, I know it's been a while since you posed your question, but I've been in your shoes and want to tell you not to worry. I had a lot of troblue breast-feeding my first I saw a (wonderful) lactation consultant, pumped multiple times a day to stimulate milk production, etc, etc. Even so, I had to supplement with formula because my daughter still wasn't getting enough nourishment. At that point, so that I wouldn't confuse her by giving her a bottle, I used one of those setups where she got the formula through a tiny tube next to my nipple as she nursed and I still remember how her eyes flew open in shock when her suck finally produced an abundance of milk, and how eagerly she nursed at that point. It was right around then that I decided that I didn't want my daughter's babyhood to be all about struggling to nurse her, and I switched to the bottle. She's 15 now and healthy; believe me, her lack of breast milk has not hampered her development. I completely agree with Rachel breast milk is best, but your baby will do just fine whichever way you go. I wish you the best!
10. | Dec 1, 2013
GD Star Ratingloading...We would like to thank all the volunteers and oragziners for this event. This year was the best by far. We have attended in the past, but something about this year was truly magical. The fairy house building in PI seems to have an abundance of fodder for the kids to create with, much more than in past years. The flowers were an especially nice touch. Thank you again to all who help make this event possible. It is something we look forward to every year.